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NIB'ART is a story:

It has to be watched and listened, There's no work to sale.
The exhibition has to be rented.

Exhibition summary,
(technical contents)

We need, to respect the direction of visit, at least 20 meters of neutral wall or a minimum space of 100 m 2 or more, we're used to adapt.

- 17 points of hangs (each photograph is on a metal support with 2 holes)

- 3 large kakémonos (which can be put elsewhere than in the place to announce the exhibition)

- 4 sculptures (which are posed on the ground, in the middle of the place or in a corner.) 

 We need on the spot :

- 1 flat screen: for the DVD "painted heads" (no sound)

- 1 large flat screen: for the DVD film "memo pad" 8 min in loop (with sound)

- 1 CD player for the installation: "portrait of my days"

- 20 projectors (according to what is already on the spot.)

 Nib' Art can be exhibited as well in a cultural place, an art gallery, a hospital, a pharmaceutical laboratory, or at the time of a medical congress.
Nib' Art is a light itinerant exhibition which can be settled or dismounted in one day.

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