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Disease is a bit like life, it's a rhythm you have to adopt, it's nothing extraordinary, except the need to try and live as well as possible. I give to the disease the identity of the Crab, because it looks like it: sneaky, silent and which especially pinches during the mammography.
Let's now talk about mammography: and whack! The breast is like a freezbe, horizontal then vertical. That's when it reveals and hides itself under the form of a vague dark stain which calls upon me: "what is it? Is this the crab? One chance on two". Since almost five months, the Crab imposes me its protocol. Disease can be like life: unfair, long, miserable, painful, humiliating, scary and lonely.
But as life, one can learn how to tame it, how to use it to then share and relativize it, at last, in a certain manner, to make it more acceptable and, above all, more human in the eyes of others. I'm also living my disease throughout the others' attitude, their listening, their smile, their love and giving. But also throughout their selfishness, their stupidity, their pity and fear. In life, everyone becomes one day the other of the others. Since some times, the Crab, the treatment, the ills, the constraints, my crane, they all make me react to not suffer too much. To live at best with my disease, I have decided to tell it.
One speaks about cancer in books, movies, TV shows, on radio. My sensibility and my experience have led me to express myself throughout photos, a movie, writing, sound, painting and making sculpture.
'Nib'art' is an exhibition which testifies of my personal experience with the disease. Beyond therapy, this artwork is also an exchange with my people and others, whether they are ill or not. My husband Bob Kohn (artistic director) has helped me complete this artwork.
If you haven't seen the 'Nib'art'exhibition, this is another way to discover my story.
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